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Coming Home to Red

"Coming Home to Red" a watercolor by Alma Dell Smith

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November Video of the Month Clip

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Our Red Tent Day Retreat

by Jessamina (Long Island, NY Red Tent Temple)

Mmm, sweet decadence to be in the company of such beauty…

A delightful afternoon was spent with Sacred Sistah’s, Moon Mamas, Grateful Grandmas, Secret Sharing Shaktis, Kegal Kittens, Manifesting Mavens; all Womb Women, sharing stories of their first blood and wise wisdom. As we settled into a nest of veils and pillows, we were enveloped by the warm surreal feeling of being surrounded by a protective ‘cocoon’ of feminine grace.

During our very powerful meditation, we journeyed into our own womb-space. There I had a vision of many circles of women just like this one. It was as if a star seed had been planted inside me, I knew the Red Tent was a needed component of society. I wondered what would the Goddess bid me to do next with this vision (I’ve since continued The Red Tent Day Retreat each month). We then broke off into small groups, so we could each experience divine nurturing by more than one women at a time: Reiki, massage, mini-facials, hair braiding… bliss!

GiG, owner of the Goddess Shoppe, generously offered us samples of her Black Pearl Skincare line, and aroma-therapeutic hand and body creams to enhance the experience. I then lead our group in a fun veil dance that ended with sisters pressed into a tight circle, standing hip to hip, breasts to breasts, giggling and sighing through our veils…Ah! The Red Tent!

For more information, you can reach Jessamina, who is the Long Island Red Tent Temple Coordinator, and she can be reached at, and you can visit her website at 

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Official Trailer of “Things We Don’t Talk About”

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Alignment and Attunement for the Crafty Creatrix

By Maati

Everything is energy. All things are made up of cycles. I believe that because of the pure “awesomeness” of women we tend to get caught up and sometimes trapped by our powers and our abilities. As I scan the red tent looking at the many radiant sisters that are around me, I begin to reflect on the idea of balance. We all are quietly brilliant: We are mothers, dynamic speakers, talented artists and writers, loving and devoted wives…the list truly goes on and on.

I’m sure we have all experienced the cycle of getting totally inspired to do a particular thing: Going full out with the planning and creative preparation and before we know it our energy flops, we get distracted, leave things undone and then beat ourselves up or make excuses for not completing the project. Sometimes we are simply operating from a masculine energy that maybe contradicts the true purpose of our desire or goal. The bottom line is the more we align and attune with the energy around and within us, the greater our potential for success and inner peace.

For example, let’s say you sculpt beautiful clay vessels and you find you need to get some extra income.  You listen to all of your friends who encourage you to go into business. All of the many ways you should or could market your wares, the infinite number of festivals, boutiques and other venues that would totally be interested in your art. It’s a wonderful plan, but this is clearly a plan of external action, which needs a consistent steady fire. Although many women absolutely love this part of manifestation, it is likely to be short lived if creative balance is not put into place. If we aren’t paying attention we can easily go full throttle only to hit a decline. Our momentum dwindles and then we look at ourselves and notice that not only do we not have time to do what we love, we are not even inspired or excited about our craft!

The key is to find and create a healthy balance between fire and water, masculine and feminine.  Just because you have an amazing talent, doesn’t mean that talent should be your source of income. Our inner creative magic can sometimes be tainted by our fiery drive for success and recognition. Ladies, simply put, if things are not flowing, get back to the source. Start within before you proceed. Feminine energy is receptive and starting at this point helps to keep you grounded and open to higher guidance. Once you are rooted you then pull on the fire to move your vision forward. Fully opening to your divine energy gives you access to universal energies and the knowledge of when and how to use them.


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Volunteer to help the Red Tent Movie!

Volunteer to help the Red Tent Movie!A Message From the Filmmaker

While “Things We Don’t Talk About” is my inspired Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it is much bigger than simply a dissertation. Creating a film requires a network of people and I look at this film as ‘about the women and for ALL women‘. It’s their film!

I completed filming in March 2011 and I am currently in the scriptwriting and film editing stages. I set out to do everything in my power to make this film, even if it meant doing everything myself and on an extremely meager budget. Believing in my determination and commitment, I would meet the most formidable of obstacles, but I was willing to do whatever it took.

However, as I began to tour the country hearing the extraordinary stories, listening to the interviews, and filming in Red Tents, I began to understand that this groundbreaking film is worth so much more than what I as one single individual could ever accomplish even with 200% of my efforts. Optimally, I need a team of people who are passionate about this film and the movement among women. Each clip brings emotion, beauty, humor and wisdom in ways that perhaps have never been seen before on film with women.

In the larger arena of life, something is moving among us. We are learning to co-collaborate, co-create and move together in community where there are more resources together than alone. We are also listening to our intuition and finding the next step rooted in our courage to live out our larger purpose.

One night after seeing another riveting documentary, I suddenly knew that “Things We Don’t Talk About” is much bigger than me or even my Ph.D. The content of what it carries has the potential to change many lives. This is a story that I personally want to bring to women and men everywhere. This is “our” movie that I am so privileged to be taking leadership in as the “filmmaker,” documenting the emergence of women building a woman-honoring society. In this moment, it is teaching me to ask for help so that together we can co-create a larger scope of possibilities. Ideally I would like to see the budget increased by thousands of dollars and also to galvanize a volunteer base of leaders who can contribute their skills if they too are passionate about what is here in this groundbreaking film. In this spirit and in a humble request for support, I invite you to join me. The following is a preliminary list of the skills I am looking for:

  • Animators
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Bloggers
  • Connectors
  • Colorist
  • Composer
  • Development
  • Dubbing Mixer
  • Editors (script)
  • Editors (After Effects)
  • Foley Artist
  • Fundraisers
  • Film Distributors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Grantwriters
  • Investors
  • Interns
  • Lawyer (Entertainment)
  • Lawyer (Contract)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Music Supervisor
  • Music Editor
  • Musicians
  • Networkers
  • Paralegal
  • PR Executive
  • PR Assistant
  • Publicist
  • Researcher
  • Rights & Clearances
  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Agent
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Songwriters
  • Sound Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Mixer
  • Screenwriters
  • Website Copy Writers
  • Web Developer
  • Webmistress
  • Writers

If you find yourself called to support in other ways please let me know your ideas.

If you are hearing the call like I did, you will know. Together we can fulfill the promise of a great documentary that not only records history but also propels the future of women forward in a time where our leadership is most needed.

Thank you.

~Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost

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