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How Women hold Space for one another : Acknowledgment as an act of the Sacred

by Hollie B.

I give thanks to my dear Sister who agreed to my sharing of this story. I have chosen not to use her name. Because that’s not what’s important in this Story. So for now, she is called ‘this Woman’.

This is a Story about why I believe all Women benefit from sharing Story in a Red Tent. I don’t so much believe that every Woman needs to speak to share their Story in the Red Tent. But each Woman may find healing through Being present with shared Stories.


I know this Woman who is employed in a place where She sees the absolute worst in human behaviour. Anything awful You can imagine, this Woman has probably seen it, heard of it, or been exposed to a story of it in some way. I’m not exaggerating, and I’m not trying to bring You into a yuk Space, I just want to paint a very clear picture of how different this Woman’s everyday life is compared to many of us.

She has an awesome partner. In this case, her partner is a man, but it is not his gender that is important. What I take from this story is that her husband is there for her in the sense that anything awful that she needs to download from work, she can share with him and she knows he can take it. He works there too.

Home life is good for this Woman. Her children have grown and they are doing their own thing. She celebrates their maturity, knowing that their Journey is their own. Anything that causes stress from work, gets talked about before coming home, and left on the road. In other words, she doesn’t bring it home with her. She has a relationship with her husband, that although has had pain and grief in the past, is healed and in an Awesome Space now. She’s done Circles for healing her menarche and healing her mother-issues and letting go of the past and… In other words, right now, even though there are things that bother her in her worklife, and she knows there will still be Life Work to do, yet she feels fairly sorted.

Is that to suggest that this Woman doesn’t need an Experience such as a Red Tent? Like, she’s fairly sorted so she doesn’t need to sit around with other Women to talk about ‘issues’. She’s got her husband afterall. If he’s so Awesome, why would she need to go along to a Red Tent? She’s already got understanding and a soundboard for whenever she does have an issue. She feels supported at home…

Well, recent experiences have taught me that actually yes, she does still need the Red Tent Experience. This is not something I’ve come to on my own by the way. This isn’t something I’m coming at from my place of advice and an ‘I know what You need attitude’. Actually, it comes straight from this Woman’s mouth.

But the reason might not be what you’re thinking.

This Woman, wants to Be witness to other Women’s stories. She understands that everyone needs a place to share – to vent – to speak – to let go – and everyone needs to feel heard in that.

This Woman does not believe that She has ‘no issues’. But she does feel that the ‘everyday’ things she is haunted with are not for the ears of anyone outside of her industry. It’s not about being selfish. It’s not about coming and hearing everyone else’s ‘stuff’ and not adding anything to the energy. Actually, it’s about finding the Right place (for her) to share her stories, and entering the Sacred Space so that it is held Sacred. For this Woman, she feels depth in being the Witness. She isn’t there to give advice, or story-compete (Oh Yes I’ve seen lots of that), nor is she in the Red Tent to suppress some sort of need to feel special by being different.

Put simply, this Woman finds depth in the Work of witnessing other Women’s stories. In the act of acknowledgement – as witness to other Women and where they are in the moment – she becomes a Sacred Keeper of Tradition and Compassion. When she has something to say, she does. But for the most part, She helps hold the Space. She sits listening, without judgement – accepting of the Story as it is. She nurtures Women who do need to share. And She is content to Be.

Recently a number of events played out in front of me that really anchored this understanding for me. I saw many aspects of this Story. I heard the words ‘I’m fine’ while watching the body language that said ‘don’t fucken push me cos I will break – and I don’t want to break right now!’ I felt the acceptance of this Space while watching other Women go on the finger pointing mission of trying to ‘help’ and offer advice. I saw the break down of safe and Sacred energy with that pushing. I felt the pain of this Woman in not feeling accepted for where she needed to Be with other Women. I felt the distrust from Women who held expectations about sharing. The next day I felt Truth and Realness pour from the heart of this Woman as we shared together how that happened and where she would have liked it to Be. And it was in that conversation that I got clear around one very important aspect of the Red Tent.

I understood already that Women need to speak. I understood already that for a long time Women have not been heard. I have also noticed often that there are times when Women just talk for the sake of it. I have noticed that even when You suggest as a facilitator that everyone can keep their opinions and advice to themselves, and just let a Woman Be in her Space, they just can’t help themselves giving advice and opinions and cutting People off. I have noticed that some Women have a need to agree and say ‘You’ll be right’ and ‘You’re strong’ and ‘You can do it’ in response to another Woman’s Story. And I’ve noticed that this is not only un-helpful, it’s fucking disrespectful.

Red Tent

My Red Tent and Women’s Spaces aren’t for feel good pep-talks. I facilitate Spaces for Women to Be. And to feel supported in that Being. In these Spaces it doesn’t matter who we are at home. What we do at work. What we have to do tomorrow. We just get to Be exactly as we are – in whatever Space – in that moment – without apologies. And we get to do it in a supported Space.

And what I became clear around, thanks to this Woman, is that I really want for the Red Tent Experiences that I facilitate for Women to feel the Power of sharing Stories, simply through Being Witness.

And then that got me thinking (it’s fairly on-the-go in my mind – when thinking is on, it’s really on until clarity is found). Although the Red Tent Experience happens in its own way, and Women share whatever they need in relation to that day, that moment; there’s still some things that some of us need to heal – and we don’t necessarily have a safe Space to do this in. Some of those ‘issues’ are older than ‘this moment and this day’, and we’re not necessarily sure how to bring them up. A ‘general’ Red Tent for sharing, although beauty-full and healing, may not always get to the deepest seat of what we need to heal.

It’s a bit daunting to bring up our miscarriages and our terminations and our divorce and how to raise our sons and daughters and our mental illness and our mother issues and our body image perceptions and… in a space full of Women who we have never met, or whom we only see every now and then. It’s particularly daunting to suddenly bring out the deep Stories of grief and loss that have been pushed down for a long time, or never given a Space. For example, it’s not easy to start talking about the abortion You never dealt with emotionally ten years ago, when the Woman next to You is talking about how she loves being a parent.

I always find it so deeply moving to hear stories from Women about things I’ve never experienced. Whether the Story is about joy or loss, it is the difference that I find mySelf inspired by. I feel honoured when a Woman shares something new to me. That is the journey of the Witness. It is quite beauty-full.

The essence of the Red Tent is the commonality of Being Woman. Always in the Story, even when we have not had the same experiences, it is the sharing that moves us. In one Woman’s Story of pain or hope or joy or loss, we find something of ourSelf. And we grow. That is True healing. That is how we fill our cup. Whether You are the Story-teller or the Witness. There is something for every Woman in the Red Tent.

And so, this leads us to the renewed, improved and fully awesome Red Tent Experience of 2013. We are diving deep. We are creating Space for Stories with intention. We are allowing room for Women to share and to respond authentically. We are opening a doorway for Women to Witness and find Truth around the Way we speak and respond. And we are Working with the Red Tent, to simply Be.


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Space to Heal : a view of the ‘Angry Women Energies’

by Hollie B.

A few years ago my good friend Christiana Rose alerted me to an energy that she felt I needed to be aware of.  She had met with it in her own healing, and felt compelled to let me know, since I work so often with Women in Deep Space.

I have since got to Know these energies. In fact, I knew them long before, but I had never defined it in such a clear way. Now I call them the’Angry Women Energies’, and I will try to explain it to You.

Women's Circle : Space to Heal : Lunation

If You are familiar with Collective Consciousness, this will be an easy concept to grasp. Basically, (in really simple version) when enough People hold the Space of the same sort of thinking, Change or manifestation can occur. The collective thought is an energy. Energy magnetises – collects – together the same energies and creates itself stronger and stronger.

The ‘Angry Women Energies’ is a collective consciousness (Yes I said ‘is’) of Pain and Grief and Fear and Anger that has been created and strengthened over the many years of Women’s suffering. We can align it with patriarchal rule, sexual abuse, inequality – whichever. All of these things, when Women carrying these energies leave the Earth Walk and their energy shifts from the physical body, their anger finds the collective energy and adds to it. So You can imagine, with all of the injustice for generations and generations, that the collective ‘Angry Women Energies’ are quite strong.

But the energies themselves, floating around in Cosmic Space are not a problem – until they find something to attach to. You See, there are all types of energies out there. This is why it’s so important to hold the Space for thoughts of Peace and Love and Trust everyday. Because when we think happy thoughts, we attract happy energy yeah?

But when we think angry, victim, destructive thoughts, that energy will come to us. And for Women in pain from the suffering life has gifted them, the Angry Women Energies are standing, waiting in the wings, to connect, straight away. And so the energies use angry, grieving, Women with a victim-consciousness to attach to – the Women become Agents for that energy. And that way, the energies are able to live on through this generation.

Okay, so that’s a simplified, slightly all over the place version of how I understand the Angry Women Energies. I meet them often in my Work. I’m sure You will have had the experience of meeting a Woman who carries this energy. (They also prowl around the ethers, looking for groups of Women who carry the energy to attach to because as a group they are even stronger) She will be snide, manipulative and deceptive. She will use her stories of Women’s victimisation and struggles to prove her point, that men cannot be trusted and Women must rally together. She could be old or young, she appears in every Race and economic status. She uses masks and costumes to hide the pain and broken pieces of Self behind the barriers. She believes People See her as strong and unbeatable – but we all See her vulnerability and insecurity. She is racked with Fear.

And once the ‘Angry Women Energies’ attach themselves to her, She will not know how to break free. It becomes the only way she knows. It is normal for her. She will carry this energy, building it, magnetising other Agents of the Energies to her. And together they thrive.

Space to Heal : Women's Space : Lunation


Unless, we make the choice to disallow their Anger. Unless we make the choice to feel it, acknowledge it, forgive it, and let it go. In this there must be a choice to think happy thoughts again. To think healing, loving thoughts. To find ways to express our Love. And to find ways to experience Love.

To forgive means to for- give : to give something over to the Great Mystery. To trust the Great Mystery to take the Pain and suffering and trust the Great Mystery to create something new and healed and Peace-full from it. The Great Mystery has that Power. It is all things. Call it Goddess, God, Universal Truth. It is Ultimate Power. It is Real.

Healing and Forgiving can be done. We must first See the Truth of our situation. And then we make the choice. Once You break free from the Angry Women Energies, they don’t get to return. We burst the bubble. We send the energy on its Way, declaring that they are not Welcome here anymore. They are no more in our Space. And we may use our Space to Heal.

About the Author:

Hollie B. is a Witch, Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife. She is a facilitator of Women’s Space with a focus on Being, rather than Doing. Her Work is Being the True Self, in order to Create the Sacred everyday, in simple Ways, in every area of Life.

At Lunation, Hollie offers the Clan Mother Journey Experience, an e’course for connecting to your own Truth, as a Cosmic Woman. She also facilitates Red Tent Experience in Canberra, Australia, and offers a variety of other courses and products. Find out more about Hollie B. and her Work at

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Why Women and Men need shared Sacred Space

By Hollie B.

I’m tired of the reasoning : it was done in Matriarchal times.

Well, You know what, it’s not matriarchal times anymore. Matriarchal means that Women are on top of the Heirarchy. I’m not interested in having anyone on top. Let’s try equal.

Let me say first, that I feel very strongly about Sacred Space for Women and acknowledge that there is a time and a Space for it. It is a must! Obviously, my Work almost exclusively involves Women’s Only Spaces. I can’t say whether Men need their own exclusive Sacred Space. I’m not a Man. I’m not going to speak for them. But if they want it, Yes, sure go and do it!

What I am talking about in this post is the need for shared Sacred Space as well.

For the past few years there has been major issues around the Australian Goddess Conference’s choice to include Men. I know right, where in the words ‘Australian Goddess Conference’ does it say ‘excludes men’? It doesn’t. The stories of Goddess in all cultures are not specific to Women. Goddesses are Cosmic Women with Universal stories. The lessons in any myth have as much to teach Men as they do Women. Myth is not relevant only to one lot of People. Myth is a story to inspire the Culture of the many.

But there has been a very loud contingent that have complained that Men don’t belong at the Australian Goddess Conference. And I disagree adamantly.

Sacred Spaces for Women exist all over Australia now. Red Tents have become more common. There are gatherings and get togethers and Circles of all kinds, specific to Women.  These are Power-full Spaces for healing and shifting and Being our individual Self.

The Goddess Conference has the ability to reach out to the greater public. It is a first time drop for many People. So far, You could count on two hands the number of men who have attended. But I bet You couldn’t put an evaluation on how much those small number of men received from being in the womb of the Divine Feminine. For that is what we create at the Goddess Conference : a Temple of Sacredness dedicated to the Divine Feminine – who exists in every aspect of our lives, although not always acknowledged.

Shared Sacred Spaces : Men & WomenMen and Women need to share Sacred Space
Yes, many Women are holding wounds from the patriarchy. Yes, many Women are holding old wounds of abuse at the hands of men. And Yes, these wounds are in need of healing.

I’m not suggesting that that pain is not Real. I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t matter. But I will say this. It is time we got over and let go of our wounds, and brought wholeness into our Ways of Being. Stop blaming all men for your grief. Let go. Forgive. Move on.

And there’s another side to things that seems to be avoided in these discussions: Men are grieving too. Men have pain associated with the patriarchy. There are men who feel the loss of separation from the Divine Mother. Who have never been supported in a nurturing Space with the Divine Feminine, able to acknowledge the loss and grief we have all suffered.

There are men who have witnessed abuse. There are men who have stopped it. There are men who nurture their families and might need support around how to hold the Sacred Space of their own families. There are men who wish to sing and drum to the Goddess to fill their Soul. There are men who are ready.

It is not for anyone to say when the Men are ready to come. Trust that the Men who are ready will come. Trust that it happens for a reason and that when we heal together, we are All healed so much faster. The Work of families healing together is Power-full ten-fold to the individual. This ripples straight out to community. That’s Real Transformation.

About the author:

Hollie B. is a Witch, Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife. She is a facilitator of Women’s Space with a focus on Being, rather than Doing. Her Work is Being the True Self, in order to Create the Sacred everyday, in simple Ways, in every area of Life.

At Lunation, Hollie offers the Clan Mother Journey Experience, an e’course for connecting to your own Truth, as a Cosmic Woman. She also facilitates Red Tent Experience in Canberra, Australia, and offers a variety of other courses and products. Find out more about Hollie B. and her Work at


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The Goddess of the Holy Rage

by Esther Moser

Last Christmas didn’t really happen. I was in and out of hospital between mid December and beginning February, ending up with an abdominal hysterectomy. Right between Christmas and New Year, and in between two blood transfusions, I had to see my GP for a blood test. And that’s where it all came to a big stir….

It was just a little remark of my GP, but it was what opened the lid to that bubbling feeling within me: ‘ So you’ve landed in some trouble’, he said. Nothing wrong with that sentence, isn’t it? But the Holy Rage took it to pop out of the bag! I wanted to scream, shout, shake him – all in one. No, I had not just landed in some troubles, I had consulted doctors since two years with my problems, caused by cysts and fibroids, but was told it was nothing to worry about. Only when it was too late I could make sense of what was going on and discovered that there would have been possible ways of prevention and early interventions with methods too alternative to be on the doctor’s lists.

But, to be honest – screaming, shouting and shaking the doctor to wake him up was far to much effort: I was so tired and exhausted from the last twelve month of heavy periods, pain and emotional challenges. All I could do was to give him a look. A look designed to kill. The powerful intensity of the moment caught me by surprise – had I not almost forgotten in this time of low energy, emotional turmoil and lack of motivation that I was able for such a straight, intense feeling, after all!

And suddenly she appeared in all her beauty – the Goddess of Holy Rage. I recognized her – she was the one who was with Jeanne D’Arc, centuries ago. She was the one who was with the women who got burnt, abused and ignored.  She was the one who lit the match for the women in the seventies, who burned their bras.

The list of her appearance in every country of the world would be endless. And if I think of it – even in my life I have noticed her a few times, without giving her the attention she may have deserved. But this time was different. I knew it instantly. She was invisible for the doctor, but not unnoticed. And she did not wanted to be unnoticed. Not for him, not for myself.

For a short moment I took the time to admire her, as she stood there in front of me, upright, strong with an unwavering and nonthreatening look into my eyes. Courageous and capable to stand her ground. I could sense the heat of her firey spirit, fueled by all the injustice that ever happened to the women of the world and the passionate calling for a world, where women and men matter in equal ways.

I asked her to come home with me and sit by the fire, as I felt that urge to listen and talk to her.  I know: she was close to me since a long time, but I never really listened to her whispers in my ears, never wanted her to be my mentor. The time has come, now.A beautiful smile lit her face when I asked her to join me. We left the surgery, arm in arm.

Later in the day we sat comfortably, staring into the fire, feeling that sense of ancient connection, that women can have when they sit and talk. Women heal through sharing with each other. If there is a warming fire present, even better.

The Goddess of Holy Rage told me that she was with us, the women of this Earth, since the Beginning of Age, that she was a part of every woman born on Earth. That she was a part of Mother Earth herself. She told me that if we use her power with wisdom, she will keep us warm and will fuel our determination and calling. But if we pretend her to be non-existent her fire may rise like a volcano, uncontrollable, destructive,  overflowing, life-threatening. Or she may leave, go far away, leaving us disconnected from ourselves, with a coldness from the heart towards our own life, our sisters and the earth that we live on. She told me that she is a teacher, tough and gentle in one. That she is a mentor, determined to support and challenge, to sand and chisel. That she is a healer, making us strong, pure and clear.

We sat for hours and she challenged me with questions, allowing many thoughts to be born that I was walking pregnant with since a good while, making me feel comfortable while leaving my comfort zone. Deep into the night, when the Goddess of Holy Rage left my house, she had invited me to join the fireside of the Crones. Come when the time is right’, she said.  ‘You know how to get there and the fire is burning all the time.  There we can talk and be silence freely. From that, deep healing and awareness will come, and will come into action. Trust, we will heal and be healed.’

So she left into the night. And will never be fully gone again.

Blessings and Smiles, Esther Moser

PS A few weeks after the Goddess of Holy Rage left, after surgery, and  plenty of sofa time for recovery, I registered  the domain The time has come, and we women get ready to meet at the fire, to share, listen and create, spiced with laughter and tears. May the Goddesses be with us. And may you visit us some day, in the internet or the in person!



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Die Goettin der Heiligen Wut

by Esther Moser (English translation to follow in next blog post)

Weihnachten letztes Jahr war kaum spuerbar fuer mich – Tage versunken in Hektik. Ins Krankenhaus, nach Hause, wieder ins Krankenhaus, wieder nach Hause und so fort.  Wochen spaeter nach  einer notfallmaessigen Gebaermutter-entfernung endlich zur Ruhe kommen.

Irgendwann zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr musste ich fuer eine Blutuntersuchung zu meinem Hausarzt. Und das war der Moment, wo alles ins rutschen kam….

Die Bemerkung des Arztes war fast nebenbei gesagt, aber es war das was es brauchte, um den Deckel  zu einem schon lange brodelnden Gefuehl in mir zu oeffnen.

“ So,so, da sind Sie also in Schwierigkeiten gekommen”, sagte er

Nichts verkehrt mit dem Satz, oder?

Aber die Heilige Wut nahm ihn als Grund um aus dem Sack zu springen!

Ich haette schreien moegen, argumentieren,  ihn schuetteln und vieles mehr und alles zusammen. Nein, ich war nicht einfach in ein paar Schwierigkeiten gekommen. Ich hatte seit zwei Jahren mehrere Aerzte konsultiert mit meinen durch Zysten und Myomen hervorgerufenen Beschwerden , wurde aber immer beschwichtigt, muesse mir keine Sorgen machen, alles sei ok.

Erst als es zu spaet war konnte ich Zusammenhaenge erkennen und endeckte, dass es moegliche Wege der Verhuetung und Fruehbehandlung gegeben haette, auch wenn diese von den  meisten Aerzte als zu alternativ angesehen werden um auf der Liste der Empfehlungen zu stehen.

Aber –um ehrlich zu sein- schreien, argumentieren, den Doktor schuetteln um ihn aufzuwecken war in dem Moment viel zu kraftaufwendig: ich war so muede und erschoepft  durch die letzten zwoelf Monate mit nie endenden starken Periodenblutungen, Schmerzen und Gefuehls-schwankungen. Alles, wozu ich faehig war, war ihm einen Blick zuzuwerfen. Einen Blick der toeten koennte.

Die Intensitaet des Momentes traff mich unvorbereitet – fast hatte ich in dieser langen Zeit, in der ich mich staendig kraftlos, unmotiviert und emotional geschuettelt fuehlte, vergessen, wie es war, so ein klares, scharfes Gefuehl zu haben.

Und ploetlich war sie da, in all ihrer Schoenheit – die Goettin der Heiligen Wut.

Ich erkannte sie sofort – sie war neben Jeanne d’Arc. Sie war mit den Frauen und Heilerinnen im Mittelalter, die missbraucht und verbrannt wurden. Sie ist mit den Frauen, die ungesehen, ungehoert und ignoriert wurden und werden. Sie war es, die das Streichholz anzuendete fuer die Frauen in den Siebzigern, die ihre BHs verbrannten.

Die Liste koennte endlos weitergehen, so oft ist sie in allen Laendern dieser Erde erschienen.

Und wenn ich es mir recht ueberlege – sogar in meinem Leben ist sie oefters mal erschienen, ohne dass ich ihr die verdiente Aufmerksamkeit gewidmet haette. Aber dieses Mal  war es anders, ich wusste es sofort.

Fuer den Arzt war sie unsichtbar, aber nicht unbemerkt. Und sie wollte nicht unbemerkt bleiben, nicht fuer ihn und nicht fuer mich.

Fuer einen kurzen Moment nahm ich mir die Zeit sie zu bewundern, wie sie so dastand: kraftvoll und mit einem geraden, aber unbedrohlichen Blick in meine Augen schauend. Mutig und faehig ihre Grenzen zu wahren. Ich konnte die Hitze ihres feurigen Geistes fuehlen, die gespeist wurde durch alle Ungerechtigkeiten, die Frauen je erfahren hatten, und dem Sehnen nach einer Welt, in der Maenner und Frauen gleich wichtig sind.

Ich fragte sie, ob sie mit mir nach Hause kommen und am Feuer sitzen wollle – ich fuehlte dieses Verlangen danach, ihr zuzuhoeren, mit ihr zu redden. Nie hatte ich ihrem Wispern in meinen Ohren Beachtung geschenkt, nie wollte ich sie als Lehrerin in meinem Leben akzeptieren. Aber jetzt war die Zeit da.

Ein strahlendes Laecheln erhellte ihr Gesicht, als ich sie fragte.

Wir verliessen die Arztpraxis Arm in Arm.

Spaeter am Abend sassen wir  am Feuer und fuehleten diese uralte Verbindung, die zwischen Frauen herscht, wenn sie sitzen und redden. Frauen heilen damit,  dass sie sich mitteilen. Und wenn ein Feuer sie dabei waermt umso besser.

Die Goettin der Heiligen Wut erzaehlte, dass sie die Frauen dieser Erde seit dem Anfang der Welt unterstuetzt, dass sie ein Teil jeder Frau ist die jemals geboren wurde. Dass sie ein Teil der Erde selbst ist.

Sie sagte, dass wenn wir ihre Kraefte weise gebrauchen, dann werde sie uns immer warm halten und unsere Lebensbestimmung unterstuetzen.

Aber wenn wir immer vorgeben, sie existiere nicht, dann kann ihr Feuer eines Tages wie ein Vulkan hochgehen –unkontrollierbar, zerstoererisch, ueberflutend und lebensbedrohend. Oder sie verschwindet, laesst uns  zurueck  verbindungslos zu der eigenen Seele und mit einer Herzenskaelte  zu unseren Schwestern und der Erde auf der wir leben.

Sie sagte, sie sei eine Lehrerin, streng und sanft in einem.

Dass sie eine Mentorin sei, dazu da zu unterstuetzen und herauszufordern, zu formen und zu schleifen.

Dass sie eine Heilerin sei, die uns dabei unterstuetz kraftvoll, klar und rein zu werden.

Wir sassen fuer viele Stunden und sie forderte mich mit Fragen, waehrend sie mir Raum und Zeit gab, Ideen zu entwickeln, und mit einem Gefuehl der Sicherheit die Grenzen meiner  Denkwelt  zu erweiterten.

Bevor sie spaet in der Nacht mein Haus verliess hatte die Goettin der Heiligen Wut mich eingeladen zum Feuerkreis der Alten Weiber und Weisen Frauen.

“ Komme, wenn die Zeit reif ist, ‘ sagte sie. ‘ Du kennst den Weg und das Feuer brennt immer.

Dort koennen wir frei zusammen reden und schweigen. Daraus wird tiefe Heilung, Bewussthein und Handlung kommen. Vertaue nur darauf, dass wir heilen und geheilt werden.”

Und damit ging sie in die Nacht.

Und wird trotzdem niemals wieder ganz verschwunden sein

Esther Moser

PS. Einige Wochen spaeter, nach OP und genuegend Erholungszeit auf dem Sofa, registrierte ich (Ich lebe in Irland) Die Zeit ist reif und bald werden wir Frauen uns am Feuer treffen um zuzuhoeren, mitzuteilen und zu erschaffen., mit Lachen und Weinen gewuerzt. Moegen die Goettinnen mit uns sein. Und moegest Du uns eines Tages besuchen, im Internet oder persoenlich!


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