A New Definition of Feminism…

I really love this speech given by Emma Watson which she gave to the United Nations. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about what it means to be a feminist.


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3 responses to “A New Definition of Feminism…

  1. Couldn’t agree with what she said more. The Watson speech has brought feminism into the mainstream arena and that can only be a good thing. There is still work to be done but at least this high profile speech has warmly invited people – especially men – to consider their role in women’s rights. Sadly, the British press have undermined her sentiments by doing what they do best – objectifying her – as you can see here:


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  2. We must think not Justin terms of individuals but systems. Individual empowerment has not give women equalitY. It must be a sisterhood and the men who are allies to change the system.


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