To all Women

By Brenda Knight

There are so many things I’d like to say about what is to be a woman, especially those women who feel misunderstood to meet the expectations others have of them. Every woman is a mystery, this is something we know, feel and live, therefore, we should stop pretending that we’re not. We discovered the laws of being, of living and creating a feminine, deep, creative, nutritious and mysterious world. The expression of personality corresponds with our position in life, who we think we are and not who you feel you are. The Red Tent Movie,  made me laugh, cry, but most of all, it made me remember….my old memories, things that I felt familiar with, like if I was dreaming or I have been there before…..

The question of who I am? and why am I here? came to my mind…..and the answer to them came along…About who I am, can be approached on the level of the human species within the evolutionary flow of life on our planet, or it can be approached on the level of the individual person, trying to find out what contribution each of us can make to the cosmic task of the whole species. And about why am I here….I am absolutely sure about that….I have been on a long road, studying, observing, traveling, reading, joining other women, etc and in my heart I know what I want, and I want every single women that comes along, can feel powerful, beautiful, secure, loved, nourished, welcomed. I feel honored, and very humble to be so lucky that I had the opportunity to learn through my life all this  tools, all the things that I have learned, I am thankful, now it is the time to share, it is my time to spread my wings and do what I came to this world to do. I want all the women in my city and in my country to have red tents!!!! I live in Mexico, and our history through years has been about machismo, women have suffered, they carry so many wounds, they deserve to be listened, to have a sisterhood, to feel goddesses!!!!

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