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5 Red Tent Altar Ideas


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To all Women

By Brenda Knight

There are so many things I’d like to say about what is to be a woman, especially those women who feel misunderstood to meet the expectations others have of them. Every woman is a mystery, this is something we know, feel and live, therefore, we should stop pretending that we’re not. We discovered the laws of being, of living and creating a feminine, deep, creative, nutritious and mysterious world. The expression of personality corresponds with our position in life, who we think we are and not who you feel you are. The Red Tent Movie,  made me laugh, cry, but most of all, it made me remember….my old memories, things that I felt familiar with, like if I was dreaming or I have been there before…..

The question of who I am? and why am I here? came to my mind…..and the answer to them came along…About who I am, can be approached on the level of the human species within the evolutionary flow of life on our planet, or it can be approached on the level of the individual person, trying to find out what contribution each of us can make to the cosmic task of the whole species. And about why am I here….I am absolutely sure about that….I have been on a long road, studying, observing, traveling, reading, joining other women, etc and in my heart I know what I want, and I want every single women that comes along, can feel powerful, beautiful, secure, loved, nourished, welcomed. I feel honored, and very humble to be so lucky that I had the opportunity to learn through my life all this  tools, all the things that I have learned, I am thankful, now it is the time to share, it is my time to spread my wings and do what I came to this world to do. I want all the women in my city and in my country to have red tents!!!! I live in Mexico, and our history through years has been about machismo, women have suffered, they carry so many wounds, they deserve to be listened, to have a sisterhood, to feel goddesses!!!!

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Para todas las mujeres

By Brenda Knight

(The English translation of this article will be featured  in next Tuesday’s post)

Hay tantas cosas que me gustaría decir acerca de lo que es ser una mujer , especialmente las mujeres que se sienten incomprendidos para cumplir con las expectativas que otros tienen de ellas. Cada mujer es un misterio, esto es algo que sabemos, sentimos y vivimos, por lo tanto, debemos dejar de pretender que no lo somos. Descubrimos las leyes del ser, de vivir y de crear un mundo femenino, profundo, creativo, nutritivo y misterioso. La expresión de la personalidad corresponde con nuestra posición en la vida, lo que pensamos que somos y no que sentimos que somos. La Película, me hizo reír, llorar, pero sobre todo, me hizo recordar …. mis memorias antiguas, cosas con las que me siento familiarizada, como si estuviera soñando o mas bien, sintiendo que ya estuve allí antes…. La pregunta de ¿quién soy yo? y ¿por qué estoy aquí? vino a mi mente ….. y la respuesta a ellos llegó … Acerca de lo que soy, se puede abordar en el nivel de la especie humana dentro del flujo evolutivo de la vida en nuestro planeta , o puede ser abordado en el nivel de la persona individual, tratando de averiguar cuál es la contribución que cada uno de nosotras puede hacer dentro la tarea cósmica y de toda la especie . Y de por qué estoy aquí …. Estoy absolutamente segura de eso …. he recorrido un largo camino, estudiando, observando, viajando, leyendo, uniéndome a otras mujeres,  y en mi corazón yo sé lo que quiero, y quiero que todas las mujeres que comparten mi camino, puedan sentirse poderosas, hermosas, seguras, amadas, nutridas, bienvenidas. Me siento honrada y muy humilde por ser tan afortunada de haber tenido la oportunidad de aprender a través de mi vida todas estas herramientas, de todas las cosas que he aprendido, estoy agradecida, ahora es el momento de compartir, es mi tiempo para extender mis alas y hacer mi tarea cósmica. Quiero que todas las mujeres de mi ciudad y de mi país tengan tiendas rojas ! ! Yo vivo en México , y nuestra historia a través de años ha sido sobre el machismo, las mujeres han sufrido, llevan tantas heridas, que merecen ser escuchados, tener una hermandad, sentirse y saberse diosas !!

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Shall I Drive You To The Red Tent?

By DeAnna L’am, © All Rights Reserved

How would the world be different if girls growing up today had a Red Tent to go to, in their own neighborhood? 
Many of us would love to see a Red Tent where our daughters, stepdaughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, or any cherished girl in our life — could regularly find a haven.“Yes, but who would hold such Red Tents for them?” you may ask… and the inevitable answer is: YOU!
Imagine your girl coming home from school. She feels tired. She is actually crabby, and the sullen look on her face warns you to keep your distance. Throwing her backpack on the floor she runs into her room, not interested in answering any of your questions about her day. Her shoes fly off her feet, one at a time, on her way up the stairs, and land randomly on the floor. Her door is slammed shut, and you are not welcomed inside. You want to ask her about her feelings, to understand what is going on, but the door’s message is clear, and you know it will not open for a while…

Imagine, though, that you had a magical key to this closed door… Imagine softly knocking and whispering to your girl: “Shall I drive you to the Red Tent?” Imagine her door flying open, her eyes meeting yours, a sigh of relief rushing out of her mouth: “Oh, thank goodness! I’ve just got my period!” Imaging the two of you getting in the car, since it feels too cold to walk the otherwise pleasant road to the nearby woods. You likely wouldn’t talk much during the short drive, since your girl clearly wants to be quiet. She curls up on the passenger seat and closes her eyes. You arrive at your destination in no time.

The Red flaps of the Tent are hanging down to keep the warmth in, and you lift them to allow your girl to walk in first. It feels like walking into a different world. It is blissfully quiet. You start lighting a few candles while your girl walks up to the pile of red blankets and grabs three of them. She sinks onto a mattress in the corner, and huddles under the blankets, letting all the air out of her lungs. She knows you are busy making her a cup of herbal tea. This is a familiar routine… You’ve been here many times before, and the roles have changed back and forth between you: barely two weeks ago it was you who flopped gratefully on a mat and curled into a ball under a pile of red blankets, while your 13-year-old was skillfully brewing a cup of Raspberry Leaf tea to soothe your womb and soul.

This is an easy reality to imagine… And, as surprisingly as it may seem to you, it is also an easy one to live! This can become a reality for you, and for your daughter, stepdaughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, or a cherished girl in your life, since it is up to You, up to Each Of Us, to make it so! A Red Tent in your neighborhood is only as distant as the limitation your mind puts on it. It is as close as your belief in its possibility!

We can make this a reality in our life time! You can create a Red Tent in your living room, in your back yard, in a friend’s home, in a nearby forest, meadow or beach. It can be made of anything: you can pitch a camping tent, or raise a tipi. You can drape Red cloths from tree branches, or build a yurt. The outer structure is not nearly as important as the space it holds inside — a space in which permission is given to simply BE…

Nothing is more essential than this: we need spaces where we can BE when we flow, either alone or in the company of other women. Anything beyond this is luxury (and we can create luxury, of course we can!) but lets not make luxury become the reason for not having a Red Tent right now. Lets remember the bare necessities: Space and Permission. And these, my sister, you can provide for yourself, for your girl, for your community – right now!

© by DeAnna L’am, All Rights Reserved
Join me to get inspired by the
Red Tents In Every Neighborhood World Summit – 
A Free Online Event
Featuring women leaders from USA, Spain, Germany, U.K, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Israel
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DeAnna L’am, speaker, coach, and trainer, is author of ‘Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood’ and ‘A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period’. She is founder of Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls™, and of Red Tents In Every Neighborhood Global Network!

A pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment, DeAnna has been transforming women’s and girls’ lives around the world for over 20 years. She teaches women how to love themselves unconditionally; how to dissolve PMS symptoms and draw spiritual strength from their cycle (rather than be at its mercy); and how to hold Red Tents in their communities. Visit her at:

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Red Tent Tele-Summit (free)

The Red Tent Movie is participating in the
Free Red Tent Tele-Summit

How would your life have been different if there was a Red Tent in your neighborhood when you grew up?

SUMMIT, Small, 30 experts

I bet an immediate answer to this question is emerging from the depth of your womb…

Since Anita Diamant wrote The Red Tent in 1997, women have awakened to our need to find places to go to when we flow. The time has come to give voice to women’s silent stories, to reverse cultural shame and taboos by finding the true depth, insight, and soul-nourishment inherent in our Menstrual Cycle!


Watch the special video

that Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost created for the Tele-Summit.

In this exclusive video, Dr. Leidenfrost provides an in-depth response to the question, “how would your life have been different if there was a Red Tent in your neighborhood when you grew up?” and a unique behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaker’s own red tent experiences!


February 1st – February 28

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DeAnna, who is known as ‘A Womb-Visionary’, has crafted one-of-a-kind offering for today’s women:

The Red Tents In Every Neighborhood World Summit, an inspiring and empowering Online event for women.


How it works?

  • It’s totally Free!
  • When you SIGN UP you will receive a DAILY link (for 28 days) to an inspiring short VIDEO including my video.
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I created a video for the Red Tent Summit because I believe that the Red Tent movement is a tapestry of women’s Womb-Wisdom. I invite you to listen to your own unique womb, and to womb-voices of wise women on the cutting edge of a New Consciousness Paradigm, weaving together DeAnna’s vision of A Red Tent In Every Neighborhood!


How to sign up?

  1. Click HERE to Sign Up:
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Please help us spread the word:

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The time has come for Red Tents In Every Neighborhood!

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Death, red tent movie screenings, and plans…

by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD

My goal was to do 400 screenings of “Things We Don’t Talk About” in 2 years. I am more than half way there. We have done 282 screenings.

Over the recent holidays I had a major spiritual awakening as I lost my maternal grandmother. We were very close. Experiencing her death has influenced me in so many ways and it has shifted many of my personal and professional goals. I am re-evaluating what I want from my life and my desire to be of service to the world as a filmmaker feels very strong. I have been traveling & doing screenings of “Things We Don’t Talk About” for almost 16 months now. I am not sure where or when it will end, but I find so much value in doing what I do and creating the kind of world I want my friends to thrive in that I just keep moving forward.


I am currently organizing the next 8 months worth of screenings and I would love to work with you to bring a screening and a red tent to your community. Please email me at if you would like to co-host with me.

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