HorMoon Awareness Guide

by Leslie Botha

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HorMoon Awareness Guide

 A new book!

Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle was written for women who want to understand the sometimes, confusing physical and psychological changes they experience each month. It is also suggested reading for men who deal with hormonal women daily; and for educators, healthcare and social welfare professionals who support women of all ages that are struggling with physical and behavioral issues caused by hormonal changes. It is the product of a nine-years of research, analysis, and writing.

Purchase the book for $24.93 on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Your-Mind-Hormone-Cycle/dp/0989010104/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374691726&sr=8-1&keywords=leslie+botha

Purchase the book for $24.93 on amazon

This richly illustrated, pioneering, book is co-authored by Leslie Carol Botha and H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik, with original graphics by Nicholas Batik. Medical researcher, H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik provides extensive clinical background to support the findings of this book. The conversational writing style makes it easy and compelling to read, while the richly footnoted text makes this a valuable resource for professional healthcare providers. The book explores on the very essence of a woman’s being — the fundamental nature of the female hormone cycle; and was written to fill the void of practical, menstrual health education that focuses on understanding the delicate mind/body connection — a connection that has the power to bring about health or disease in the body. Contrary to current medical thinking and pharmaceutical industry messaging that encourages women to deny, ignore, suppress and replace their natural hormone production with synthetic hormone birth control and hormone replacement therapy, Botha and Chevalier-Batik believe that the hormone cycle is the foundation of women’s health and well being. Modern medicine has promoted the concept of specialization, encouraging women to consult specialists to treat isolated aspects of our body and mind, rather than consider our body as an integrated system, and exploring the relationship of the hormone cycle with other cycling systems in our body. Creating health begins with a shift in this perspective to one that recognizes the whole body is greater than the sum of its parts; a shift that recognizes that health is our birthright and represents our natural state. Such a change in perception can change how we express vibrant health and inner peace. Using the tools and information provided in this book, women can learn to perceive symptoms as biometric feedback from our bodies about our diet, lifestyle and the state of our mental, emotional, and spiritual self. These symptoms are the “tell” for conditions such as: hormone imbalances, depression, mental confusion, exhaustion, autoimmune disorders, allergies, and reproductive disorders. The purpose of this book, is to help you tap into the magnificent intelligence of your body and interpret its profound language to finally understand your mind, mood, and hormone cycle. Using the tools and exercises provided you will learn to live with in your hormone cycle to prevent re-occurring gynecological problems and mental/emotional imbalances; Perhaps for the first time in your life, you will feel like you can reach your full potential by acknowledging your strength and who you truly are. It is our goal to open your eyes to the real you — a woman who can trust herself, has confidence in her actions, understands her feelings and knows how to create a fulfilling life by living with her hormone cycle With brilliant simplicity, the authors tie the menstrual cycle into the other natural cycles of the universe and to the Paleolithic wise women who tracked their cycles on antler bones. These wise women understood that menstruation was vital natural cycle that held power. These foremothers became the first mathematicians, agriculturists, and healers by applying their menstrual wisdom to their culture’s survival. It is imperative that we understand all of the cycles in our lives. Women must be pro-active in all aspects of their wellness. Education and the willingness to ask questions and demand answers is a start.


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6 responses to “HorMoon Awareness Guide

  1. Carla Giacummo

    I would like to know if there is a spanish version of this book which I find very important.


  2. cat

    what if you menstruate with the Full Moon, how would you interpret the HorMoon chart???? ❤ Cat


    • Dear Cat,

      This is a great question. And Leslie Botha would be the best person to answer it for you. I have sent her an email with your question and your email address.

      Wishing you a great day!

      ~In Service~


    • Great question, Cat! Thanks. Yes, the guide is laid out if you menstruate with the New Moon. However, as well all know our menstrual cycle fluctuates throughout the lunar cycle. No matter where you are in your cycle always turn your intuitive eye to the moon.

      For example… when we menstruate with the new moon – our energy is low – just like the collective conscious energy. That is the phase we are in now. The new moon is on October 4 – and that will be the lowest energetic point of the moon cycle. When we see the silver sliver of the new moon in the sky – the collective energy begins to rise… just like our hormones begin to rise – 2 or 3 days after we start our period.

      Now if we menstruate with the full moon – when the collective conscious energy is at its peak – it is the direct opposite of our low energy – decreased hormones and compromised immunity that we experience prior to menstruation.

      There is a definite polarity between the two cycles at this time. Not being aware of where you are in your menstrual cycle… or where the moon is at this time may cause frustration (lunar energy pulling you out vs. body energy pulling you inward – active and creative vs. reflective, spiritual and intuitive.) Not knowing and understanding this polarity may cause irritability, frustration with self and others – and a need to ‘control’ or manage ones-self.

      Understanding the energetics of the lunar cycle and our menstrual cycle is not only empowering – but you will be able to understand and ‘trust’ your emotions instead of feeling like you have to ‘control’ them. It is a huge shift.

      We have photos of archived pictures of deer antlers and rocks in our book dating back to 250,000 BC when women were etching and tracking their menstrual cycle in relation to the lunar cycle.

      We are Maidens, Mothers and Wise Women – every cycle that we go through -whether or not we are menstruating. That is the power of womankind. That is the power we need to reclaim. And that is the power of the Red Tent.

      Hormonally yours,



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