When should you give up?

I hope that you have had an opportunity to watch the trailer of the film. If not, I invite you to watch and it share it with your friends.

As I have progressed with editing the film, one thing that has changed is the opening credits. As you will see from the trailer, I did not have opening credits (title, a film by…). Instead, I decided to have the credits be in between the trailer and me talking on camera about the fundraising campaign, which has been wildly successful and I hope that you too will donate. You can donate at http://www.redtentmovie.com

The credits in the trailer were designed to be like a collage of Red Tent photos and then a fade in on the title “Things We Don’t Talk About.” I think that the idea worked in the trailer, but I was having some difficulty using this same opening credits in the film. The tone did not match the opening sequence, which is about 1 minute and 30 seconds of something magical, but emotional going on in a Red Tent. It took me about a week to come up with a new opening credit idea, but I think that I have something that works much better. I still have a lot of work to do on the opening, but it is a fun process!

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